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Golden Hills RC&D
712 S Hwy 6
P.O. Box 189
Oakland, IA 51560
Phone: 712 482-3029

Golden Hills RC&D

Golden Hills is a grass-roots directed, non-profit organization dedicated to the sustainable use and protection of natural resources for the economic and social betterment of the people of western Iowa. This website serves as an informational source for the RC&D and the projects either housed at Golden Hills or projects maintained cooperatively with organizations that serve the communities and citizens of western Iowa.


Organizational Purpose

Provide the local leadership and framework required for developing and carrying out a comprehensive workplan of action for the conservation and development of the natural and human resources in southwest Iowa. Golden Hills is a non-profit organization serving the counties and soil & water conservation districts of Cass, Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Montgomery, Page, Pottawattamie (East & West), and Shelby.


Our Goals

  • Develop industries in local communities that utilize local resources.
  • Ensure adequate supplies of water that meet the needs of agriculture, industry, private use, and recreational facilities.
  • Work with local governments and organizations on projects that benefit the environment.
  • Work on projects that fill gaps in community services to benefit people of southwest Iowa.

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